A pup, four hens, and an urban farmer. Living a sustainable, low-impact life is possible no matter your living space. I started living my farm-girl dream in an urban environment and jumped at the opportunity to revitalize a family farm in late 2016. Here’s to an adventurous life!

I’m in my fourth year of business, and I’m humbled by my clients. I’ll never have enough hen and duck eggs to meet demand – but I’ll keep trying! Goat milk sales continue to grow and I’ve added ice cream, cheese, and cheesecakes to my price list. I sold out of most of my canned goods – so I plan to make even more in 2020. Praying for a better tomato harvest – salsa was sorely lacking – and hoping to add new jams too.

As the farm has grown my time to blog has shrunk – find me on social media for updates on farm projects and animals.

I simply love the life I get to lead – here’s to another successful year!